OC cache waypoints

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OC cache waypoints

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unfortunately the new Norway opencaching node http://www.opencaching.no/viewcache.php?cacheid=3 uses the same waypoint starting letters like Sweden. As you can see the waypoint starts with "OS" - this causes serious problems to cachewolf.
The "contact" button on http://www.opencaching.no/ does not work - so - if some one of you has contact to the operater of the norway opencaching site, please tell him to change the waypoit starting letters.
Letters alreade in use:
{"www.opencaching.de", "OC"},
{"www.opencaching.pl", "OP"},
{"www.opencaching.cz", "OZ"},
{"www.opencaching.org.uk", "OK"},
{"www.opencaching.se", "OS"}
Till now it is not too late as there are only 2 caches.