Need some help

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Need some help

Post autor: JohnKP »

I've heard from my friend that the best geocache service in Poland is OpenCache. He suggested me to visit that forum before I visit Poland.
Where can I find descriptions of caches (is there any special Topic or subpage)? Are there any descriptions in english (my Polish is as bad as it can be :-))? How can I find caches with the english descriptions (I've read the topic "Sugesstions to the English version" but it does not help enough)?
Thank you in advance :-)
With regards
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Post autor: koooza »

Hello John,

Your friend was right - the best geocaching service in Poland is :) If you want to use this service you have to visit the website . There you can change the language. Next step is registering (to do this choose login button). This part of website is translated so it should be easy. After registering and login you will be able to choose Map of caches tab on the home site. This was an easy part :) unfortunately just a few caches descriptions are already translated. The good news is that most of caches description include spoiler pictures so searching is less complicated. If you need some more help fell free to write here :)
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Re: Need some help

Post autor: angelo »

JohnKP pisze:(I've read the topic "Sugesstions to the English version" but it does not help enough)?
Well, I still belive google translator is the tool for you :]

And if you really feel you don't understand a thing out of translated descriptions, I'd suggest you to message owners directly (or in the cache log) asking for a translation, clues, help, whatever. That's what I do when I go for caches without polish or english description. And it usually works for me.

Some ppl (like me:) have translation job queued somewhere in their task list, but no real reason to do that, since not too many ppl visit opencaching from outside of Poland :]
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Re: Need some help

Post autor: Bleee »

If you find translating from Polish too difficult for you I can translate caches' descriptions from Polish into English. Just mesg me.

With regards