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środa 03 października 2018, 21:48
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Temat: contact address of opencaching.eu owner needed!
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contact address of opencaching.eu owner needed!

our technical chief of opencaching.de has problems:´with opencaching.eu.

He says, that "de.opencaching.eu is not linked to our server.de.opencaching.eu".

Who may help?
autor: mic@
niedziela 02 lipca 2017, 13:52
Forum: General
Temat: podcast by opencaching.de
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podcast by opencaching.de

Every first sunday on each month the team of opencaching.de host a "live show" called OC-talk on their teamspeak server. This show is also recorded, so you can hear it later as a podcast if you missed the date. This "live show" is open for everyone, so if You want to join, just d...